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Join our Guitar Advice Facebook page. Meet other guitar players seeking answers to questions about guitars or guitar playing. Above all, it’s straightforward to post and check the Facebook group for updates on any device, anytime.

We encourage questions or answers relating to advice about guitars or guitar playing. Furthermore, if you have any photos of your guitars, then, by all means, post them to our Facebook group.

When you join our Facebook page, you can:

  • By the way, the process is quick and easy.
  • Stay in touch with all the latest news about guitars.
  • Suppose you have any questions, big or small. Ask our members.
    • Conversely, if you answer a member’s question, respond with your answer.
  • Lots of fun interacting with other guitar players; the promise is we all help each other.
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  • Above all, being a member is lots of fun; join now.
  • Therefore, of course, it’s free to be a member.
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