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Last update 29/12/2022

Given that you are reading this article, there’s a good chance you are considering/or are committed to learning how to play the guitar. Congratulations – this decision could mark a pivotal moment for you! Yet, mastering the guitar isn’t a walk in the park; depending on what level of playing the guitar you hope to achieve, it can be challenging.

Of course, learning to play beginner guitar can mean simply learning a few chords and some simple strumming techniques, and wallah, you have learned to play the guitar. However, you may wish to learn to play using much more complex techniques eventually.

There is no need to decide before you start; let it all happen naturally; dont put any pressure on yourself to attain specific playing skills in a given time.

Enjoying the journey is essential; it’s a real buzz to accomplish all the various playing skills along the way. Remember, anyone can play the guitar; it’s normal to feel frustrated sometimes, but stick with it.

Learn Guitar Roadmap

Regardless of your playing skills, following a roadmap to learn the guitar is an excellent idea. A plan to achieve the level of playing you want will get you there sooner. You should follow a solid practice plan where how much time and what you will practice should be laid out in your plan.

Having a practice plan does not mean following the plan to the letter either. A couple more things about practice plans: they are not etched in concrete. Life gets in the way at times, right? Sometimes, it’s fun to noodle around; we all do that. It’s fun, but it’s not practice.

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Guitar roadmap

Too often, players find themselves noodling in practice time; dont do that. What is important is having some plan and some goals. With that said, let’s move on.

What is the best way to learn to play the guitar?

The best way to learn the guitar is from a teacher in a live one-to-one setting. Some provisos apply:

The teacher would;

  • Need to be close by.
  • Would have a solid teaching plan.
  • Be proficient in the style of playing you wish to learn.
  • Be affordable.
  • Learning to play the guitar past and present

In the not-so-distant past (think just two decades back), learning guitar meant diving into books VHS tapes, or engaging in face-to-face sessions with a tutor. While these methods remain effective (swap out VHS for Blu-ray!), embracing an online course has become a prime route to guitar mastery.

And that’s precisely why we’ve curated this page. Here, we provide comprehensive insights into several top-tier online guitar courses. We’ll investigate their strengths and weaknesses and determine whether they warrant your investment.

Explore the brief comparison table below, spotlighting some of our favored online guitar courses. Stick around for an in-depth analysis post-chart, uncovering what each course brings and how it aligns with your aspirations.

The Perks of Online Guitar Learning

Engaging in face-to-face guitar sessions with a local guitar instructor has long been a trusted route for mastering the instrument. However, this traditional method has its limitations.

Sticking with one tutor means abiding by their curriculum and timetable, often at a considerable expense. Attaining a decent level of proficiency can come with a hefty price tag.

That’s where online lessons have completely transformed the landscape of musical education, especially in learning the guitar.

Online Guitar Learning

Fender online guitar tutorials
Online guitar tutorials

No one method is perfect. However, the online approach has more than its share of advantages.


Mastering guitar techniques, from basics to intricate solos, becomes incredibly convenient when accessed from your computer or device. Pick your device; they will all work: laptop, tablet, or smartphone; the great thing is your lessons become portable, allowing you to learn almost anywhere.


Online lessons offer the freedom to learn at your own speed. Whether you’re a slower learner or have limited time for practice, you dictate your learning schedule. That means breaking free from the constraints of a tutor’s timetable. It’s sure to be a biggie for many of you.


Online tutorials broaden your horizons. They offer diverse instructors, a broader spectrum of musical genres, and an extensive library of songs to explore. Customizing courses to match your style becomes more accessible. Plus, you get to see and hear the instructors’ suggestions on how to play. We feel that’s important!


Dollars and guitars.
Lessons cost

Financially, online courses prove more economical in the long run. Private tutors can charge anywhere from $20 to $40 per session, adding up significantly, especially for beginners requiring extensive guidance.

Online alternatives often come at a fraction of the Cost. Some are priced at around $20 per month, less than a dollar daily. Not many of us are millionaires, so that is another strong point.

Consistent learning can lead to substantial savings, considering the surplus of free lessons and courses available. Yep, it all adds up.

Yeah, what about YouTube?

The truth is that there are some great players offering tuition, but not all of them have a structured course or anywhere near the tools and flexibility of professional online resources.

Learning Guitar the Dilemma

Undoubtedly, the internet age presents an unparalleled opportunity to learn guitar. Platforms like YouTube overflow with countless free guitar tutorials, from professional musicians teaching intricate techniques to amateurs showcasing various songs from their own spaces.

However, despite the wealth of options, navigating this sea of content can pose challenges. Bouncing from one YouTube video to another and picking up random chords and songs has limitations.

Starting from scratch in guitar learning can be overwhelming. Stagnation can occur without a structured approach, potentially hindering your progress.

Sure, videos cover everything from holding a guitar to playing initial tunes. Yet, the sequence in which to learn remains a puzzle. Should chords take precedence? Or perhaps scales? Is it best to master strumming before delving into other aspects, or should everything be tackled simultaneously?
Progress tracking

How does one track progress or discern which videos to follow among the multitude available on YouTube?

For a reasonable investment, enrolling in a reputable online guitar course offers a seasoned instructor and the necessary structure to monitor your progress.

Top Picks in Online Guitar Instruction

There are quite a few resources to learn the guitar. Let’s talk about the main ones, shall we?

Learn to Play Guitar with Guitar Tricks

Debuting in 1998, Guitar Tricks boasts a seasoned presence as one of the most extensive and established guitar tutorial platforms, with an impressive library of 11,000 lessons and over 700 songs. GuitarTricks is a comprehensive resource for enthusiasts.

Guitar Tricks Logo
Guitar Tricks

Navigating the website is easy; it has a sleek interface. The new video player enhances the learning experience, offering features like slow-motion playback and A/B looping. Most videos are shot in crystal-clear 4K, ensuring optimal clarity.

The platform hosts a diverse lineup of 32 instructors, each an expert in their unique guitar style, with many holding professional recording and touring credentials.

Lisa McCormick’s approach in the Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 course provides a strong foundation for beginners. This course swiftly immerses learners in the instrument, incorporating simple songs with backing tracks from the initial lessons.

Advanced players can get into foundational courses tailored to three distinct music styles: blues, country, or rock, each offering two-course levels.

Beyond technique, GuitarTricks has a treasure trove of 700 song lessons spanning various artists, like The Beatles, Blink 182, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and Metallica.

A minor setback lies in the distribution of songs, where lesser-known bands occasionally outweigh the guitar icons. Despite this imbalance, the platform’s extensive repertoire across diverse styles ensures plenty of options to explore.

The platform thrives with an engaged community, regular blogs, and practical tools, drawing in a staggering 1.9 million guitarists.

Guitar Tricks Home
Guitar Tricks – Home

GuitarTricks stands tall as a titan among online guitar courses, and it’s not without merit.

Guitar Tricks ToolBox
Guitar Tricks ToolBox

Guitar Tricks Toolbox

All the tools you need in one place make learning to play the guitar much easier.

Guitar Tricks Collections
Guitar Tricks Collections

Guitar Tricks Collections

A comprehensive array of choices of musical types, styles, and genres makes finding guitar lessons for the type that you want easy.

Guitar Tricks Community Forum

It is a great place to chat with others learning guitar.

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