Nitro vs. Poly – Which guitar finish is Best?

Close your eyes and picture your dream guitar. Perhaps you are thinking about a bright, shiny Fender Stratocaster, its solid color gleaming under bright stage lights? Or maybe a vintage Les Paul with stories to tell. In addition, its nitro finish has checked and is worn unevenly from decades of passionate play. Guitar finishes No matter what type of guitar you like. Most guitars have some thin coating around the body and the neck, known as a finish. It helps protect the guitar and dramatically enhances the instrument's look and how it feels and sounds. Beautiful acoustic guitar. [...]

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Guitar Review – Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50s Ltd

The Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD  is a Single-Cut, Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Bigsby. It's adorned with an Orange Stain finish and Gold Hardware enforcing its indisputable DNA. Anyone who has ever wished for a Gretsch Hollow Body Electric Guitar has probably lusted after an orange G5420TG with a Bigsby; they will realize their wishes with this beautiful guitar. The Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD is part of the Gretsch Electromatic range, which is about the middle of the entire Gretsch range. Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD review Boasting that Gretsch twang. The G5420TG-OS 50S LTD salutes the cherished hollow body guitars [...]

How to Fix Guitar Finger Pain

Guitar finger pain and how to fix it. Finger pain is most common amongst beginners; their fingers need time to become "conditioned" to the task of pushing guitar strings down behind the frets. If you are an experienced guitar player and are experiencing sore fingers, it most often means that you're using excess pressure when fretting chords or even single notes. This article speaks to beginners and experienced players as the solutions are almost identical.  If you are learning to play the guitar, the discomfort will generally continue for the first few weeks, depending on how much you play. The good [...]

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It’s Incredible How Musical Instruments Help Your Brain

Studies indicate that the popular activity of learning to play a musical instrument will decrease the age-related decline in hearing for adults. We are going to discuss why playing musical instruments helps your brain. Companies that are offering brain training are doing an enormous business. Companies such as Lumosity, BrainHQ, and Cogmed are parts of a business making millions. Those businesses are growing and are expected to exceed $3 billion by 2020. However, do their programs for brain training benefit your brain? Some researchers do not believe that they do. The University of Illinois has decided that there's little or [...]

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Guitar Advice | Your Facebook Group

Our guitar advice facebook group allows any member to interact with another. If you have questions about guitars or guitar playing, post them. About our group Join our Guitar advice Facebook group. Meet other guitar players seeking answers to questions about guitars or guitar playing. Above all, it's straightforward to post and check the Facebook group for updates on any device, anytime. We encourage questions or answers relating to advice about guitars or guitar playing. Furthermore, if you have any photos of your guitars, then, by all means, post them to our Facebook group. By the way, the [...]

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Gibson Guitars | Innovations

Since 1894, Gibson guitars has been revolutionizing musical instruments. That is to say, from the first archtop guitar to the first fully tuning Guitar.  Here are some of the incredible innovations that Gibson has introduced over the last 125 years. Gibson Guitars | Design & Construction The Guitar Body The solid-body guitar was designed to increase the instrument's sustain and produce a brilliant sound. Above all, it will also eliminate any feedback caused by the top vibrating. Furthermore, these guitar's qualities are enhanced by using z type of wood with a high density, such as Maple. Les Paul, the man, [...]

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