This bass is a treasure trove of standout features. First off, its tonal versatility is off the charts. Whether you’re into slap bass, jazz grooves, thundering rock lines, or even exploring experimental sounds, this instrument adapts like a chameleon. The range is immense, offering clear, resonant lows and bright, punchy highs, all while maintaining clarity and definition across the spectrum.

The body design is another highlight. It’s not just about aesthetics—though that poplar burl top and mahogany body are drop-dead gorgeous. The ergonomics are thoughtful, making it a breeze to play for extended periods. The contours are so well-crafted that it practically molds to your body, reducing fatigue during long gigs or recording sessions.

The Ibanez SR1605B 5-String Bass – What I Like About the Guitar

Straight up, the Ibanez SR1605B 5-String Bass is a solid powerhouse. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of bass guitars—versatile, dependable, and packing some serious punch.

Tone Quality

Let’s start with the holy grail of any instrument: the tone. The SR1605B delivers a rich, dynamic sound that’s as flexible as it gets. This bass covers all the bases (pun intended), from punchy lows to crystal-clear highs. And the tonal range? It’s like having a buffet of sonic options at your fingertips.

The Body

The body design is sleek and ergonomic. Ibanez nailed it with this one. The mahogany body with a poplar burl top looks stunning and feels comfortable to play for hours on end. The contours and weight distribution make it a dream for long gigs or studio sessions.

The Neck

Ah, the neck—the unsung hero of any bass guitar. The SR1605B boasts a five-piece wenge and bubinga neck that’s a work of art. It’s sturdy yet slim, allowing for lightning-fast fretting without sacrificing stability. Plus, the satin finish feels buttery smooth under your fingertips.

The Top

Can we take a moment to appreciate the poplar burl top? It’s like staring into a mesmerizing painting. Not only does it add a touch of class, but it also enhances the overall resonance of the instrument.

Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/EQ bypass switch & Mid frequency switch

The Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ brings easy, straightforward control to shape your sound. It features a switch to bypass the EQ and a mid-frequency switch, allowing for precise adjustments. What makes it stand out is how it tweaks the mid-control, offering preset bass tones by adjusting different frequencies. Plus, it has a passive-only mode switch for more nuanced tonal possibilities. Activate the EQ bypass, and suddenly, the treble knob takes on the role of controlling the overall tone in the passive circuit.

Back and Sides

The back and sides maintain that solid mahogany build, giving the bass a warm, deep character. It’s a marriage made in sonic heaven, contributing to the overall richness of the sound.


Scale Length

The scale length of 34 inches is the sweet spot for a lot of bassists. It perfectly balances playability and tension for those low B strings.

Neck type: Atlas-55pc Panga Panga/Purpleheart neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM rods
Top/back/body: Poplar Burl top African Mahogany body
Fretboard: Bound Panga Panga fretboardAbalone oval inlay
Frets: Medium frets with Premium fret edge treatment
Number of frets: 24
Bridge: MR5S bridge
String space: 16.5mm
Neck pickup: Nordstrand™ Big Single neck pickupPassive
Bridge pickup: Nordstrand™ Big Single bridge pickupPassive
Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/ EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) & 3-way Mid Frequency switch
Strings: D’Addario® EXL165 + .130
String gauge: .045/.065/.085/.105/.130
Nut: Graph Tech® BLACK TUSQ XL® nut


This bass doesn’t skimp on goodies. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the included accessories. I’m talking about some essential tools, maybe a truss rod adjustment wrench and a manual to guide you through the maintenance.

Hardcase or Gigbag

This can vary based on where you buy it or the deal you strike. But ideally, a hard case would be the cherry on top to protect this beauty during travels and keep it safe from any accidental bumps.


Versatility: From jazz to metal, it adapts to any genre you throw at it.
Build Quality: Solid construction ensures durability and reliability.
Tonal Range: You’ve got a vast palette of tones to explore.
Comfort: Ergonomic design for those marathon jam sessions.


Price: It might sting the wallet a bit, but it’s an investment.
Weight: It’s not the lightest bass out there, so be prepared for that.
Learning Curve: The tonal options might overwhelm beginners at first.


The warranty typically covers manufacturer defects for a certain period. Make sure to check the Yamaha warranty specifics when you make the purchase—it’s always good to have that peace of mind.

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In conclusion, the Ibanez SR1605B 5-String Bass is a testament to quality craftsmanship and sonic versatility. It’s not just a bass; it’s a creative tool allowing musicians to explore uncharted territory in sound. Every aspect of this bass screams excellence, from its stunning aesthetics to its robust construction.

This instrument isn’t just for a specific niche—it caters to a broad spectrum of players. Seasoned professionals will find a reliable workhorse that can handle any musical style, while beginners investing in this bass will discover a platform that encourages growth and exploration.

Yes, it might be an investment, but it’s an investment in quality, versatility, and musical innovation. This bass is a true gem for those who demand top-tier performance and reliability from their instruments.

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