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Guitar Tones | Quack and Twang

Last update 18/9/2023 Quack and twang are two of the most iconic guitar tones, and they're often associated with each other. But what exactly is the difference between the two, and how can you get them out of your guitar? Table of contents The Connection Between Quack and Twang How to Get Twang Out of Your Guitar How to Get Quack Out of Your Guitar Tips for Getting the Best Quack and Twang Tones Experiment and Find What Works for You Twang is a sharp, bright tone that's often associated with country music. It's produced by a combination of [...]

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The Epiphone Casino Guitar Review 2023 – Is It Worth the Hype?

Last update 24/8/2023 So, is the Epiphone Casino guitar worth the hype? Stay tuned as we dive deep into its features, sound, and performance; we shall then consider if it's worth the investment. Table of contentsHistory and Significance of the Epiphone CasinoLet's take a closer look at some of its key specificationsThe Body's Back and SidesNeckPickupsTonesHardwareThe Strings (Gauge)The FinishSpecificationsRecommended accessoriesGig Bag or Hard CasePros and cons of the Epiphone CasinoPros:Cons:WarrantyMaintenance and care tips for the Epiphone CasinoConclusionReferences Straight out of the gate, this guitar offers incredible value for money. One of the key highlights of the Casino is its impeccable [...]

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Music Man Sterling Bass Rview 2013

Last update 21/9/2023 If you are in the market for top-of-the-line bass, here's one worthy of consideration—everything you need to know in our  Music Man Sterling Bass review. Table of contentsKey Features and Specifications SpecificationsSound and Tone PickupsPlayability and Comfort Pros and Cons of the Music Man Sterling Bass Electric Bass 2023ConclusionReferences History and Background of Music Man Sterling Bass In the 1970s, Leo Fender, Forest White, and Tom Walker founded Music Man. This iconic brand quickly gained recognition for its innovative designs and high-quality instruments.  The Sterling Bass, introduced in 1985, was a significant addition to the Music Man lineup and has since [...]

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An Inside Look at the Fender American Elite Jazz Bass

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass Review: Unleashing the Ultimate Artistry in Your Hands Last update 31/07/2023 The Fender American Elite Jazz Bass is a great bass that wants more than mediocre bass. This bass is worth consideration for any genre: jazz, funk, rock, and even metal. This bass guitar will have you covered. Its tonal range and seamless playability is outstanding. What I Like about the Guitar One of the standout features of the Fender American Elite Jazz Bass is its impeccable craftsmanship. That will be evident from the moment you first lay eyes on it. The overall fit and [...]

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Here’s Why the Gibson J-45 Is an Iconic Acoustic Guitar

Last update 27/8/2023 The Gibson J-45 Standard is an iconic acoustic guitar that has been a favorite among guitarists for decades. Renowned for its warm and rich tone, this instrument has become a staple in both studio recordings and live performances. As part of Gibson's J-45 series, the Standard model adheres to the tradition of delivering exceptional craftsmanship, playability, and sound. Table of contentsWhat I Like About the GuitarTone QualityThe BodyGuitar SetupThe NeckThe TopBack and SidesScale LengthStringsAccessoriesHardcase or GigbagThe VerdictAlternative Guitars to ConsiderWarrantyResourcesCustomer ReviewsConclusion This comprehensive review will delve into the various aspects of the Gibson J-45 Standard and will [...]

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Taylor 214CE Guitar Review |Buyer’s Guide For 2013

Last update 21/9/2023 The Taylor 214ce is a remarkable acoustic-electric guitar that perfectly embodies the rich heritage of the Taylor guitar craftsmanship. As a guitarist searching for an instrument that seamlessly blends exceptional playability, stunning aesthetics, and versatile tone quality, the Taylor 214ce is, without a doubt, a compelling choice. This guitar lends itself to most guitarists. Whether you are a seasoned performer, a passionate songwriter, or a beginner seeking a guitar to grow with, the 214ce delivers. Taylor 214ce Guitar Review: What I Like About the Guitar. The guitar's build quality is exceptional, which reflects the brand's dedication to precision [...]

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An Inside Look At the Epiphone DR-100

Last update 27/8/2023 The Epiphone DR-100 guitar is a popular choice among guitar players seeking an affordable and versatile instrument. It boasts a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a dreadnought body shape, making it suitable for various playing styles. Table of contentsWhat I Like About the Guitar:Tone QualityThe BodyGuitar SetupThe NeckThe Top, Back, and SidesScale LengthDoes the Guitar Include a Hardcase or Gigbag?The VerdictDoes it come with a gigbag?Maintenance for your new guitarEpiphone WarrantyAlternative Guitars to ConsiderConclusion With its impressive tone, comfortable playability, and reliable build quality, the Epiphone DR-100 is a dependable companion for guitar [...]

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An Inside Look At the Yamaha FG800 Guitar

Last update 21/9/2023 Are you looking for a great acoustic guitar that won't break the bank and inspire you to take your playing to the next level? We say look no further than the Yamaha FG800. Renowned for its exceptional sound quality, durability, and affordability. This guitar has been a favorite among beginners and experienced players.Stick with us while we take an in-depth look at this iconic instrument's features, construction, and performance. Every aspect of the Yamaha FG800 has been very well designed to deliver a rich and balanced tone. From the solid spruce top to the scalloped bracing. Table [...]

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Acoustic Guitar Anatomy- Everything You Need to Know.

Last update 9/9/2023 The acoustic guitar anatomy is often complex and sometimes mysterious. As a guitarist, it is advantageous for you to familiarize yourself with the components of different acoustic guitars. This guide will discuss all the major components of constructing an acoustic guitar.  A basic understanding of how a guitar's various components affect the sound and playability will make buying choices easier and ensure maximum enjoyment of the instrument. Table of contentsConstruction of an acoustic guitarThe Top or SoundholeThe backThe neckThe StringsSteel stringsNylon stringsCan steel strings be used on a nylon string guitar?The Position MarkersThe fretboardThe FretsThe HeadstockTuning keysThe NutUpper [...]

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Electric Guitars – Everthing You Need to Know.

Last update 27/07/2023 Our electric guitar buying guide will help you choose the best electric guitar that is the right one for you. This guide is for anyone from beginners to experienced players. Choosing an electric guitar is much easier if you know how to make an informed decision. Table of contentsWhich is the best electric guitar for you? You will be ready to purchase once you understand the differences and variations between various manufacturers' vast selection of electric guitar types. Hang on to your hat tightly; we will now begin. Get ready for first things first. Which is the [...]

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Classical Guitars – Everthing You Need to Know.

Last update 26/8/2023 If you have decided that the classical guitar is the right type for you, we will concentrate on this type of guitar. Our information will also hold you in good stead if you decide to buy a different acoustic guitar later. Which is the best classical guitar for you? Classical guitars or Spanish guitar is used for Classical music. The acoustic guitar type features a wooden construction with nylon (gut string) strings. The Classical guitar, when played, is held and strummed or plucked using the following traditional techniques. Common playing styles for Classical guitar Classical guitarists play [...]

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Bass guitars – Everthing you need to know.

Last update 27/07/2023 Part melody, part rhythm, no one can deny a bass guitar importance in today's popular music. Our bass guitar buying guide covers all the critical information you need to know about the best bass guitar. Table of contentsBass guitars | ConstructionTonewoods | A comparisonAsh and AlderAgathisMahoganyBasswoodMaple6, 5, or 46 Strings?Fretted vs. FretlessAcoustic Bass Guitars Which is the best bass guitar for you? The marketplace for electric bass guitars can be very confusing, just as with most other guitar types, electric guitars, for example. The array of options and configurations can make your head spin. However, we aim [...]

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