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Taylor 214CE Guitar Review: A Buyer’s Guide For 2024

Last update 5/2/2024

The Taylor 214ce guitar review is a remarkable acoustic-electric guitar that perfectly embodies the rich heritage of the Taylor guitar craftsmanship. As a guitarist searching for an instrument that seamlessly blends exceptional playability, stunning aesthetics, and versatile tone quality, the Taylor 214ce is, without a doubt, a compelling choice. This guitar lends itself to most guitarists. Whether you are a seasoned performer, a passionate songwriter, or a beginner seeking a guitar to grow with, the 214ce delivers.

Taylor 214ce Guitar Review: What I Like About the Guitar.

The guitar’s build quality is exceptional, which reflects the brand’s dedication to precision and detail. The sleek design, paired with a natural finish, exudes elegance, making it a visually appealing instrument that stands out on any stage. Additionally, the onboard electronics deliver a seamless transition from acoustic to amplified sound, allowing for seamless integration into live performances or recording sessions.

Specs Overview

The Taylor 214ce features a grand auditorium body shape, which strikes a perfect balance between the comfort of a smaller guitar and the robust sound of a larger one. The top is constructed from solid Sitka spruce, renowned for its versatility and responsiveness, while the back and sides are made of layered rosewood. This combination offers a dynamic range of tones, from crisp articulation to warm, resonant lows. The guitar’s scale length of 25.5 inches contributes to its excellent string tension and effortless playability.

Tone Quality

The Taylor 214ce produces a stunningly clear and well-defined tone. The solid Sitka spruce top lends brightness and clarity to the high-end frequencies, allowing intricate fingerpicking and lead playing to shine. The layered rosewood back and sides add warmth and depth to the midrange and low end, resulting in a balanced, full-bodied sound. Whether strummed with gusto or played delicately, this guitar maintains its tonal integrity and responds exceptionally to various playing styles.

Taylor 214ce – How Does it Sound?

The Body

The guitar has a grand auditorium body shape and is a hefty guitar.  Its slightly tapered waist makes it easy to cradle. The broad lower bout provides enough resonance for a robust sound. This well-balanced design allows the guitar to easily handle different playing techniques and genres. Additionally, the Venetian cutaway enables smooth access to the upper frets. Making it a great choice for lead guitarists and solo performers.

Guitar Setup

Straight out of the box, the Taylor 214ce impresses with its impeccable setup. The factory action ensures a comfortable playing experience without fret buzz or intonation issues. The guitar’s neck feels smooth and inviting, making extended playing sessions a joy. The attention to detail in the setup instills confidence in the instrument’s quality and shows Taylor’s commitment to delivering a top-notch playing experience to its customers.

The Neck

The guitar’s neck is crafted from sturdy tropical mahogany, offering excellent stability and a comfortable grip. The satin finish allows the hand to glide effortlessly along the fretboard. Making complex chord shapes and fast passages more manageable. The neck’s slim profile balances traditional and modern designs, appealing to players with different hand sizes and preferences. The neck contributes to the guitar’s impressive playability and facilitates effortless fretboard navigation.

The Top, Back, and Sides

The solid Sitka spruce top is a hallmark of the Taylor sound. It produces a clear, articulate tone that improves with age and playing time. The layered rosewood back and sides complement the top’s sound and add visual allure with their rich, striking grain patterns. Furthermore, the layered construction enhances the guitar’s durability, making it less susceptible to humidity and temperature changes, which is particularly valuable for traveling musos.

Scale Length

The Taylor 214ce boasts a standard scale length of 25.5 inches, contributing to its exceptional string tension and playability. The longer scale length increases string tension, making the guitar suitable for various genres.  It’s great for fingerstyle folk to vibrant blues and everything in between.

Taylor ES2 Electronics

The cutting-edge electronic system is designed for acoustic guitars manufactured by Taylor Guitars. It is an evolution of their previous Expression System (ES) and represents an advancement in acoustic amplification technology. The ES2 system is renowned for its natural-sounding and transparent amplification capabilities, providing musicians with a rich and authentic acoustic tone when played through an amplifier or PA system.

The key features of the Taylor ES2 Electronics include:

Three Pickup Sensors

The ES2 system has three strategically placed pickup sensors. Two of these sensors are located behind the saddle, while the third is positioned behind the bridge plate. This arrangement allows the system to capture the vibrations of the strings and the guitar body more accurately, resulting in a well-balanced and organic sound.

Customized Preamp

The ES2 Electronics incorporates a custom-designed preamp that complements the pickup sensors. The preamp is responsible for processing the signals from the pickups and ensuring that the amplified sound retains the natural characteristics of the acoustic guitar.

Discreet Controls

The ES2 system features discreet, unobtrusive controls that are mounted on the guitar’s upper body. These controls include volume, bass, and treble knobs, providing simple and convenient adjustments to tailor the amplified sound to the player’s preference.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

One of the advantages of ES2 Electronics is its ease of use. The system is designed for plug-and-play operation, making it accessible even for guitarists who may not be familiar with complex electronic setups.

Does the Guitar Include a Hardcase or Gigbag?

One of the significant advantages of the Taylor 214ce is that it comes with a high-quality padded gig bag. The gig bag offers ample protection for the guitar during transport while remaining lightweight and easy to carry. However, a hard case would provide extra protection for long-distance travel. The included gig bag is more than enough for most everyday use and gigging needs.

Where are Taylor Guitars built?

Taylor currently has a workforce of more than 1,200 people working for the company. Taylor guitars are built in the United States and Mexico, specifically in El Cajon, California, and Tecate, Baja California.  The Taylor 214CE Deluxe is built in Tecate, Mexico.

214ce vs 214ce DLX vs 214ce Plus – Taylor 214ce Guitar Comparison


Alternative Guitars to Consider

While the Taylor 214ce is an exceptional instrument, it’s essential to consider other acoustic guitar options that might better suit individual preferences and playing styles. Among the alternatives worth checking out is the Martin Road Series, which boasts a more traditional sound. And the Yamaha A-Series offers similar playability with a distinct tonal character.


  • Exceptional build quality and craftsmanship
  • Versatile tone quality great for various genres
  • Comfortable grand auditorium body shape
  • Reliable onboard electronics for seamless amplification
  • Well-crafted neck with a comfortable profile


Some players might prefer a different tonal character (subjective preference)
The gig bag, while protective, may not offer the same level of security as a hard case for extensive travel.

Are Taylor guitars good value

Taylor Guitars are generally considered to be of high quality and are well-regarded in the guitar community. Whether they represent good value or are worth the money depends on your specific needs and preferences.

The Taylor 214 is part of Taylor’s 200 Series and is known for offering a good balance of quality and affordability. It’s a popular choice among guitarists, particularly anyone looking for a mid-range acoustic guitar with solid wood construction. Many people find the Taylor 214 to be a good value because it offers Taylor’s craftsmanship and sound at a more accessible price point compared to their higher-end models.

Is a Taylor guitar worth the money

Whether a Taylor guitar is worth the money is subjective and largely depends on your budget, skill level, and musical goals. If you’re a beginner or casual player, you might find a more affordable guitar to be a better fit. However, if you’re a serious guitarist who values tone, build quality and craftsmanship, then investing in a Taylor guitar, even one from the 200 Series like the Taylor 214, can be a worthwhile purchase.

As for the Taylor 214ce, it’s a variation of the Taylor 214 with an added “ce” designation, which typically stands for “cutaway electric.” This means it has a cutaway design for easier access to higher frets and comes equipped with onboard electronics for amplification. The Taylor 214ce is also generally well-received by players for its sound, playability, and versatility. If you’re looking for an acoustic-electric guitar in this price range.

Is the Taylor 214ce a good guitar

The short answer is yes, the Taylor 214ce is a very good guitar. Ultimately, whether a Taylor guitar, including the Taylor 214 and 214ce, is right for you depends on your preferences, budget, and musical needs. As is the case with any new guitar purchase, it’s a good idea to try out several guitars in person to see which one feels and sounds the best to you before making a purchase, if you can.

It’s important to follow some maintenance and care tips. Here are a few suggestions.

1. A: We suggest keeping the guitar in its gig bag to protect it from dust, bumps, and scratches when not in use. More importantly humidity, the gig bag will help protect the guitar from temperature changes and humidity, which is the enemy of most acoustic guitars. B. Consider a hard case that offers much better protection for your investment.

2. Wipe down the guitar after each use to remove fingerprints and oils that can damage the finish.

3. Use a humidifier to maintain the proper humidity level in the guitar’s environment, especially during dry seasons. ( we rank this tip as a must-do.)

4. Change the strings regularly to maintain your guitar’s optimal tone and playability.

5. A. You should have the guitar professionally set up and serviced periodically to address any issues and ensure it continues to perform at its best. B. Yes, doing your own setup is fine if you’re confident in doing it for yourself.

If you follow our simple maintenance and care tips, you will keep your Taylor 214ce guitar in top condition well into the future.

What does the Taylor guitar warranty cover?

So, what does a Taylor guitar warranty cover?

Taylor offers a 12-year warranty if you register the instrument (highly recommended)

Taylor Guitars Customer Guitar Repair Service Policy

You can find information about Taylors’ warranty on their website.


The Taylor 214ce is a shining example of Taylor’s dedication to producing high-quality, reliable instruments for guitarists of all levels. It’s a blend of outstanding tonal versatility. Impeccable playability and elegant design make it a top contender in the acoustic-electric guitar market. Whether you’re performing on stage, recording in the studio, or simply strumming around the campfire, the Taylor 214ce will be up for the task.

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214ce Layered Rosewood Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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