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Guitar Review – Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50s Ltd

The Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD  is a Single-Cut, Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Bigsby. It's adorned with an Orange Stain finish and Gold Hardware enforcing its indisputable DNA. Anyone who has ever wished for a Gretsch Hollow Body Electric Guitar has probably lusted after an orange G5420TG with a Bigsby; they will realize their wishes with this beautiful guitar. The Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD is part of the Gretsch Electromatic range, which is about the middle of the entire Gretsch range. Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD review Boasting that Gretsch twang. The G5420TG-OS 50S LTD salutes the cherished hollow body guitars [...]

Electric Guitar | Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

Our electric guitar buying guide will help you choose the best electric guitar that is the right one for you. This guide is for anyone from beginners to experienced players. Choosing an electric guitar is much easier if you know how to make an informed decision. Once you understand the differences and variations between the vast selection of electric guitars types from various manufacturers, you will be ready to purchase. Hang on to your hat tightly; we will now begin. Get ready for first things first. Which is the best electric guitar for you? Your Budget Your budget is [...]

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Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar | Your Essential Buying Guide Guide 2022

The Gibson Les Paul is an icon. It's one of the instantly recognizable brands by sight or name in the world of guitar. We have you covered if you want to know more about this iconic instrument. This buying guide will help you make an informed purchasing decision. The Gibson Les Paul An old saying goes: with a good Les Paul, you can rule the world. Les Paul is the top electric guitar with no equal for many guitarists. Some might say that is a very subjective opinion. However, few would argue that it is easily within the ranks of [...]

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Distortion Effects Explained

Distortion, in context to the electric guitar. A specific type of tone often described as a "gritty," growling or ballsy. Its usually achieved by high gain settings on an amp. The opposite to distortion is, referred to as a "clean" or low gain tone. Distortion pedals are designed to allow the player to dial in the type of distortion desired. For most players, the level of distortion is key to their overall tone. A distorted guitar sound is a crucial component for many genres like rock, blues, metal, acid, and punk, to mention a few. Distortion pedals - what's the [...]

Essential – What You Need to Know About Electric Guitar Pickups

Believe it or not, there once was a time where electric guitars didn't exist. Big band' music was all the rage in the early-to-mid 1900s. The time bands truly lived up to the name more often than not. They were light by today's standards! And with the majority of those band members being some horn player. There was a tendency to be many volumes onstage from various instruments. And there lies the problem. The guitars of that era just weren't loud enough to be heard in such a large mix. Acoustic guitars do have a fair amount of volume, but [...]

Fender Stratocaster pickup selector positions | Its All About Tones

The Fender Stratocaster is among the most iconic guitars ever produced. While its stunning good looks and playability are part of what has kept it at the forefront of the guitar market. It's equally as (if not more) important is just how flexible it is from a tonal standpoint.   That's all thanks to the multiple pickup configurations that the Stratocaster offers. Its most common form features three single-coil pickups controlled by a five-way pickup selector switch. Let's take a quick look at the different settings. This is where we'll get an idea of the various types of Strat [...]

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