Buying a guitar

Guitar FAQS related to questions about guitars. We respond to commonly asked questions about buying a guitar with verified answers.

Should I Buy a Used or New Guitar?

The short answer is its a personal preference. Used guitars are fine as long as you have the knowledge required to determine if the used guitar is a bargain or anything less than a bargain. Used guitars can be a source of joy or disappointment for the unwary. New guitars come with guarantees ensuring that the guitar is flawless in finish and construction for its respective price range.

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Should I Play an Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

Much depends on what you intend to play. Both guitar types have their advantages and disadvantages. Some considerations to ponder for both electric and acoustics. Acoustics | Generally, less initial investment is required. Acoustic guitars can be harder to play than electrics. In general, they need more hand strength in the left hand and fingers to fret a chord. Acoustics usually required thicker guitar strings than electrics. Thicker strings are harder to fret. Electrics | An electric guitar requires an amplifier. Electric guitars are more comfortable to play than acoustics. Electrics are usually more comfortable to hold and play. [...]

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