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How to Read Guitar Tablature and Get to Playing

Last update 14/11/2023 When you're a beginner just starting out to learn how to play the guitar. There may be many things about the whole deal that may seem a bit overwhelming to you. For many players, the idea of learning to read sheet music or guitar tablature can be one of them. Table of contentsGuitar Tablature DefinitionHow to Read Guitar Tablature SymbolsHow Does Guitar Tablature WorkSheet musicPretty easy, right? It is just that simple!How to Read Guitar Tablature ChordsPros and cons of guitar tablaturePro - SimplicityPros - Exact note positionsCons - TimingHistory of Guitar TablatureConclusion And, truthfully, for a [...]

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How to Read Guitar Chord Charts

Last update 6/11/2023 Learning how to read guitar chord charts is a skill that is critical for any guitar player to succeed. Chords and scales lay the foundation for every song ever written. Table of contentsHow to read guitar chord chartsHow to read guitar chord charts - playing open chordsHow to read guitar chord charts - D chordConclusion I've got 50 different tunings in the guitar." Joni Mitchell That's more of a 'music theory' discussion. It's probably best to leave that for later when we can dive deeper into it. How to read guitar chord charts There's no doubt that, [...]

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Which Guitar Strings are the Best 2023

Last update 12/11/2013 One mistake that many beginners make is they do not realize how vital the strings are on their guitar. Well...back up a second...yeah - it’s obvious that strings are essential. It’s hard to play the guitar without them! Table of contentsMaterialBest guitar strings for electric guitars?What are the best guitar strings for an acoustic guitar?Best guitar strings for classical guitarsTypes of guitar stringsThickness, or ‘gauge.’Thinner stringsThicker stringsWinding typesRoundwoundFlatwoundsCoated stringsConclusion on how to choose the best guitar strings. We’re thinking more about what factors are involved when deciding which guitar strings are best for your playing preferences. There’s a [...]

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Musical Terms for Guitarists.

Last update 5/11/2023 Our comprehensive glossary of musical terms tailored specifically for guitarists. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this guide is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of essential musical concepts and techniques relevant to the world of guitar playing. From foundational theory to advanced playing techniques, we've compiled an A-to-Z list as a reference source for you. Musical terms for guitarists A Arpeggio: A sequence of individual notes from a chord, played one after another rather than simultaneously. Alternate Picking: A technique where the guitarist uses a consistent up-and-down pick motion to strike the [...]

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How to Practice the Guitar the Right Way

Last update 4/12/2023 It's an age-old question, one that has been asked by pretty much every beginner out there that ever picked up the instrument. Learning how to practice guitar can seem to be an uphill battle, mostly because there is just so much to comprehend at the start. Table of contentsHow to practice guitar.Setting goalsHow to practice guitar, best time, place, and frequency?Don't let yourself become overwhelmed.What should I practice on the guitar?Notes on the fretboardScalesSoloing techniquesHow to practice guitar chords.How to practice guitar songsHow to practice electric guitar quietlyConclusion But it doesn't have to be that way. The [...]

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