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Best Guitar for Small Hands – What You Must Know

"My hands just aren't as big as they should be...can I still learn to play the guitar?" It's a pretty common question from people considering taking the plunge and trying to learn how to play guitar. It's understandable why some may think that! Even more, seasoned players may struggle with playing specific chord fingerings, let alone full out barre chords that may go across the entire neck or solos with superhuman finger stretches to reach that last high note. The best guitar for small hands But in the grand scheme of things, does having small hands matter? We say - [...]

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Chord Progressions | an Overview

Chords are the backbone of pretty much every song that has ever been written. This is true no matter the genre of music or how complex the piece may be. For example, it's not uncommon to find an old jazz standard that changes chords on almost every beat; simultaneously, 'Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatle's is one single chord all the way through. Several chords are found in numerous songs, and some are much more common than others. These combinations are called chord progressions and can be found on guitar chord charts; they are accessible to group chords in a [...]

Acoustic Guitars and Humidity

Most acoustic guitars are constructed almost entirely from wood. While that means they can be somewhat durable based on the quality of their construction and finish. Naturally, they can be damaged by factors that create an 'unhealthy' environment (unhealthy for the guitar itself, that is...). Humidity is one of the most common forces of nature (along with extreme temperatures) that can affect the playability and the guitar's overall construction. If an instrument such as an acoustic guitar is left subject to the wrong humidity levels, things can get nasty. Guitar humidity -Acoustics About humidity? What are the correct specifications for [...]

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How to Tune a Guitar Properly

Let's talk about how to tune a guitar. We shall frame up a pretty familiar scenario for many beginning guitar players: You walk into your local music store to do a little guitar shopping. Some more prominent retailers practice letting customers pull a guitar off the wall. (they are typically hanging on a rack). Once you have it down, you can't help but notice how cool it good it feels under your fingers… You then plug it into an amp (or, if good acoustic guitars are your thing. then you sit down and get ready to play). You go [...]

All about Barre Chords – Open Up Your Playing

One of the best things that you can do to advance to the next level with your guitar playing is learning how to properly play barre chords. They are commonly found in almost all styles of music. Furthermore, having a good grasp of playing them (and playing them correctly) will significantly enhance all you can do with the instrument. That being said, barre chords often get a bit of a bad rap, especially with most beginners. That's because they can be a little challenging to pull off without some substantial practice time. Tricky? Yeah. Impossible? Nope - not at all! About [...]

How to Read Guitar Tablature and Get to Playing

When you're a beginner just starting out to learn how to play the guitar. There may be many things about the whole deal that may seem a bit overwhelming to you. For many players, the idea of learning to read sheet music or guitar tablature can be one of them. And, truthfully, for a good reason. Let's be completely clear here, though. Taking the time to learn how to decipher all of those guitar tablature symbols can benefit you as a guitar player. Especially if your goals are to play professionally (particularly studio work and 'paid sideman' gigs). [...]

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