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Nitro vs. Poly – Which guitar finish is Best?

Close your eyes and picture your dream guitar. Perhaps you are thinking about a bright, shiny Fender Stratocaster, its solid color gleaming under bright stage lights? Or maybe a vintage Les Paul with stories to tell. In addition, its nitro finish has checked and is worn unevenly from decades of passionate play. Guitar finishes No matter what type of guitar you like. Most guitars have some thin coating around the body and the neck, known as a finish. It helps protect the guitar and dramatically enhances the instrument's look and how it feels and sounds. Beautiful acoustic guitar. [...]

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A Glossary of Gibson Les Paul Guitar Terms

Some of the glossaries of terms for the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar described here are also valid for many other electric guitars and acoustics. That is to say, many of these terms are worth remembering; alternatively, bookmark this page for future reference. Gibson Les Paul Guitar Terms 60's neck The flatter, thinner neck profile was adopted on Les Pauls and most SG Electric guitar models in the 1960s. Conversely, the slim-taper neck is another name for it. Pickup 490R A neck (or R for rhythm) pickup from Gibson's Modern pickup range uses Alnico 2 magnets to deliver conventional [...]

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Guitar Scale Length | How to Decide What Is Right for You

 For many beginners, the concept of a guitar scale length may not seem all that important. We mean, all guitars pretty much look the same, right? Why would someone even need to consider scale length as a factor? The scale length of your guitar will make much more of a difference than you think. It has a considerable impact on just about every facet of how well your guitar feels and plays. Yet, it's often a misunderstood topic, and it's something that you need to understand.  Today we're going to explore everything related to scale length and, most importantly, why [...]

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Essential – What You Need to Know About Electric Guitar Pickups

Believe it or not, there once was a time where electric guitars didn't exist. Big band' music was all the rage in the early-to-mid 1900s. The time bands truly lived up to the name more often than not. They were light by today's standards! And with the majority of those band members being some horn player. There was a tendency to be many volumes onstage from various instruments. And there lies the problem. The guitars of that era just weren't loud enough to be heard in such a large mix. Acoustic guitars do have a fair amount of volume, but [...]

Essential – What You Must Know About Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Sometimes there's nothing like a cranked-up electric guitar! The volume gets deep into your soul and makes your body want to move in all different kinds of ways. It even…[hard stop - needle scratching off a vinyl record - all of that stuff (you get the point here)] ...wait a sec. You don't play an electric guitar. In fact, you don't even own one. Your claim to fame is a great acoustic guitar. But the acoustics aren't as 'cool' as electrics are. Let's face it - you can't put them through an amp or anything. Here's the good news: [...]

Band Member Tips You Need to Think About

We're going to take a little break from talking directly about the guitar with today's article and talk about some of the things that can come with learning to play. One of their main goals for many guitarists is playing in a band. Our intent here is this: there is much more to being in a band than just playing your instrument well. Band members Guitar band members Anyone who has experience being a band member will more than likely have a whole list of tales and adventures (both good and bad). Bands aren't a single entity. Each [...]

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