electric guitar review

Electric guitar review

The Epiphone Casino Guitar Review 2023 – Is It Worth the Hype?

Last update 24/8/2023 So, is the Epiphone Casino guitar worth the hype? Stay tuned as we dive deep into its features, sound, and performance; we shall then consider if it's worth the investment. Table of contentsHistory and Significance of the Epiphone CasinoLet's take a closer look at some of its key specificationsThe Body's Back and SidesNeckPickupsTonesHardwareThe Strings (Gauge)The FinishSpecificationsRecommended accessoriesGig Bag or Hard CasePros and cons of the Epiphone CasinoPros:Cons:WarrantyMaintenance and care tips for the Epiphone CasinoConclusionReferences Straight out of the gate, this guitar offers incredible value for money. One of the key highlights of the Casino is its impeccable [...]

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An In-Depth Guide for the Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50s Ltd

Last update 26/8/2023 The Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD  is a Single-Cut, Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Bigsby. It's adorned with an Orange Stain finish and Gold Hardware, enforcing its indisputable DNA. Anyone wishing for a Gretsch Hollow Body Electric Guitar has probably lusted after an orange G5420TG with a Bigsby; they will realize their wishes with this beautiful guitar. The Gretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD is part of the Gretsch Electromatic range, which is about the middle of the entire Gretsch range. Table of contentsGretsch G5420TG-OS 50S LTD  | FeaturesBeyond the 50s period in timeConstruction featuresThe pickups - Great tonesOther fine [...]

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Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar | Your Essential Buying Guide Guide 2023

Last update 25/9/2023 The Gibson Les Paul is an icon. It's one of the instantly recognizable brands by sight or name in the guitar world. We have you covered if you want to know more about this iconic instrument. This buying guide will help you make an informed purchasing decision. Table of contentsThe Gibson Les PaulWhy Choose a Les PaulThe Les Paul basic designPickup ChoicesTones | Great for blues and jazzMusical GenresLes Paul neck profilesHow about those topsHow Much Does a Gibson Les Paul Weigh?Weight Relief TypesLes Paul ModelsLes Paul Guitars | ModelsThe StandardThe TraditionalThe ClassicThe SpecialsGibson Les Paul StudioGibson [...]

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An Inside Look at the Fender American Professional Telecaster

Last update: 11/9/2023. While it's true that most people might think of a Stratocaster when the Fender brand is mentioned, they have also created several other guitars that have stood the test of time. No model may be more representative of this than the Fender Telecaster. Table of contentsThe NeckTuning MachinesSpecificationsBodyPickupsStrings (Gauge)The FinishProsConsWarrantyGig Bag or Hard CaseRecommended AccessoriesCare Program for the GuitarRecommended maintenanceConclusion Fender American Professional Telecaster body   The Neck Depending on your finish, you can choose a rosewood or maple fingerboard (each having 22 narrow-tall frets and rolled edges for additional smoothness). As with most Fender [...]

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A guide to the Gibson SG

Last update: 9/9/2023. Some guitars are identified so well with the players that played them that you can't really picture them playing something else. Hendrix wouldn't be Hendrix without a Stratocaster, and Jimmy Page in concert, lives on in most people's minds wearing a sunburst Les Paul slung way down low. So when you think of the Gibson SG, Angus Young from AC/DC may be the first that springs to mind. Table of contentsIconicElectronics and HardwareGibson SG - No hard caseSG Standard SpecificationsWhat is the Gibson SG good for?How good are Gibson SGs?Is an SG like a Strat?Gibson SG ConsConclusionSam [...]

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Fender American Professional Stratocaster 2013 Review

Last update 9/9/2023 Ask just about anybody on the street to draw a picture of an electric guitar, and we’ll bet they’ll draw something that resembles the Fender American Professional Stratocaster. Yep - it's that iconic - and it has been a benchmark for the entire industry since its introduction back in 1954. Table of contentsBody and neckWhat about the pickupsHow's the hardware?The tremoloBone nutHard caseWhat about its sound and playability For a guitar model to be embraced by so many for so long. It had to have been pretty great right from the start! But that doesn't mean that [...]

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Epiphone Casino Coupe Review 2023

Last update 23/8/2023 The Epiphone Casino Coupe is a thin line double-cutaway smaller version (10% Smaller) of the famous and much-loved Casino. The sounds from the '60s and the British invasion have popularized the Casino to a legendary status. Epiphone Casino Coupe Electric Guitar This review of the Epiphone Casino Coupe needs to be considered along with our review of the Epiphone Casino. In short, the main differences are that the Coupe is smaller and has better access up the neck. It's not a case of one being better than the other; however, they are both excellent guitars. Design and [...]

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