improve playing skills

Improve playing skills

How to Improve at Guitar

Last update 1/12/2023 How to improve at guitar: Whether you're a beginner guitarist strumming your first chords or a seasoned shredder looking to take your skills to the next level, this is the ultimate guide to becoming a better player. We'll cover everything from technique and music theory to gear and tone, giving you the tools you need to become a guitar wizard. So grab your six-string, and let's dive in! Table of contentsHow to improve at guitar the basics.Furthermore, try the following.Some theory is a good thing.Learn to listen.The right gear for you.Grab some accessories.What about tone?Yeah, practice is [...]

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Strategies for Guitar Solo’s Over Chord Changes (Advanced)

Last update 6/11/2023 This is a guitar solos tutorial for intermediate to advanced guitar players. Table of contentsGuitar Solos | Unusual chord progression?How do you play your guitar and solo over non-diatonic chords?Blend the pentatonic with chord tonesFollow the chordsTrust your earsEar trainingUse modesFinal thoughts - soloing over chord changes. Let's deal with a hypothetical for the sake of this tutorial. You are playing over an unusual chord progression; you notice a chord that sounds, let's say, "off." How would you go about correcting the situation? Guitar Solos | Unusual chord progression? Let's begin by reviewing some music theories before [...]

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Guitar String Bending Techniques – Strategies

Last update 6/11/2023 When playing the guitar, having the ability to bend strings and achieve the sweet notes 'in-between"great guitar string bending technique is what makes a guitar player sound truly special. Table of contentsSo, what's string bending?Simply putA few tips for string bendingHere's a tipGuitar string bending techniqueTypes of single-string bendsHalf step bend However, bending guitar strings is more than simply altering the string's pitch. It's a unique signature for a guitarist. As such, it's essential to know the various basic types of bends to make them your own. We prepared the following video performance and a detailed explanation of [...]

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Guitar Triads and Spread Triads | a Caged System Alternative

Last update 7/11/2023 This video tutorial will show you how to use guitar triads instead of the caged system to further your playing skills. Table of contents Part one - Triads vs. caged system What is the CAGED system? What Are Triads? Major and minor chords Why is the CAGED system limited? Why is learning triads useful? Inverted Chords Useful Diagrams How about 7th chords and other extensions? How do you practice guitar triads? 1-minute changes Soloing over one chord Final thoughts What are Spread Triads? What are the advantages of using spread Triads? Significant advantages of using spread triads [...]

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Find a Guitar Teacher | What You Must Know

Last update 13/11/2023 If you are new to the guitar or have been playing for a while, you would like to find a guitar teacher to improve your playing. We have you covered. The following information will help you choose the right guitar tutor from the following two options: online or in-person. Find a Guitar Teacher Table of contentsFind a Guitar TeacherWhy do you need a guitar teacher?What about costLearning the guitar in person or onlineYour playing goalsPlaying goals may change.Consider the time you have to play.How to find a good guitar teacherThe importance of a good guitar teacherWhat about [...]

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Guitar Lesson Tips – Pros and Cons

Last update 14/11/2323 One of the great things about learning how to play the guitar is that it is a never-ending quest. Whether you are a beginner just starting or a seasoned pro with a ton of experience under your belt, there is always something new to learn - and that's a good thing! Guitar Lesson Tips Table of contentsGuitar Lesson TipsPro: You're ignorantPro: Holding you accountableCon: It can be expensiveConclusion In our opinion, one of the best options you can do to enhance your guitar playing skills is to take one-on-one formal guitar lessons with a well-qualified guitar teacher. [...]

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How to play fingerstyle Guitar

Last update 13/11/2023 One of the great things about the guitar is that it can be a very dynamic and expressive instrument. A great example of this is when playing a good acoustic guitar. Sure, it can sound great when doing some Pete Townsend-style mega strumming (does the intro to 'Pinball Wizard' ring a bell with anyone?), ...but it certainly doesn't have to be that bombastic. Table of contentsHow to play fingerstyle GuitarClassic songs that have used fingerstyle guitarWhat makes fingerstyle guitar different from strumming chords?Exercises for playing fingerstyle guitarExample #1Exercise #2Exercise #3Conclusion How to play fingerstyle Guitar Let's take [...]

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Common Chord Progressions Guitar | An Overview

Last update 13/11/2023 Chords are the backbone of pretty much every song that has ever been written. This is true no matter the genre of music or how complex the piece may be. For example, it's not uncommon to find an old jazz standard that changes chords on almost every beat; simultaneously, 'Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles is one single chord all the way through. Table of contentsBasic chords for this scaleChord progression notation translates to any key.Common chord progressionsFamous examples of the I-IV-V chord progressionsThe I-V-vi-IV progressionConclusion Several chords are found in numerous songs; some are much more [...]

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How to Tune Your Guitar Properly

Last update 13/11/2023 Let's talk about how to tune yoyr guitar. We shall frame up a pretty familiar scenario for many beginning guitar players: You walk into your local music store to do a little guitar shopping. Some more prominent retailers practice letting customers pull a guitar off the wall. (They are typically hanging on a rack). Once you have it down, you can't help but notice how cool it good it feels under your fingers… Table of contentsHow to Tune Your GuitarIt's all about tension.How to change the tension of your guitar stringsHow to tune a guitar - [...]

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Why Play Barre Chords – Here Why

Last update 6/11/2023 One of the best things that you can do to advance to the next level with your guitar playing is learning how to play barre chords properly. Table of contentsWhy play barre chordsWhat is a barre chord, and how are they different from open chords?Barr chords - pretty simple, right?Positioning on the neckFlexibility and movabilityHow to play a barre chordGuitar setupConclusion They are commonly found in almost all styles of music. Furthermore, having a good grasp of playing them (and playing them correctly) will significantly enhance all you can do with the instrument. That being said, barre chords [...]

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How to Read Guitar Tablature and Get to Playing

Last update 14/11/2023 When you're a beginner just starting out to learn how to play the guitar. There may be many things about the whole deal that may seem a bit overwhelming to you. For many players, the idea of learning to read sheet music or guitar tablature can be one of them. Table of contentsGuitar Tablature DefinitionHow to Read Guitar Tablature SymbolsHow Does Guitar Tablature WorkSheet musicPretty easy, right? It is just that simple!How to Read Guitar Tablature ChordsPros and cons of guitar tablaturePro - SimplicityPros - Exact note positionsCons - TimingHistory of Guitar TablatureConclusion And, truthfully, for a [...]

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How to Read Guitar Chord Charts

Last update 6/11/2023 Learning how to read guitar chord charts is a skill that is critical for any guitar player to succeed. Chords and scales lay the foundation for every song ever written. Table of contentsHow to read guitar chord chartsHow to read guitar chord charts - playing open chordsHow to read guitar chord charts - D chordConclusion I've got 50 different tunings in the guitar." Joni Mitchell That's more of a 'music theory' discussion. It's probably best to leave that for later when we can dive deeper into it. How to read guitar chord charts There's no doubt that, [...]

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