guitar terms

Guitar terms

Guitar Tones | Quack and Twang

Last update 18/9/2023 Quack and twang are two of the most iconic guitar tones, and they're often associated with each other. But what exactly is the difference between the two, and how can you get them out of your guitar? Table of contents The Connection Between Quack and Twang How to Get Twang Out of Your Guitar How to Get Quack Out of Your Guitar Tips for Getting the Best Quack and Twang Tones Experiment and Find What Works for You Twang is a sharp, bright tone that's often associated with country music. It's produced by a combination of [...]

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The Ultimate Guitar Brand List

Last update 26/8/2023 A guitar brand list is in alphabetical order and with a short description for each manufacturer. Some of the guitar brands are no longer in business. We have made a note of that where applicable. See Amazon's guitars. brands Guitar brand list Table of contents10s Guitars9steinA&FCantonAbasi ConceptsAbbottAbel AxeAbileneAbstract GuitarsAbyssA.C. GuitarsAcacia GuitarsAcademyA.C.E. GuitarsAcero 10s Guitars 10s Guitars is a smaller Chinese company focusing on electric guitars. In fact, they have a wide variety of choices, including high-end customized instruments. 9stein 9stein was an experimental brand developed and made in the 1990s. Furthermore, these were 9-string guitars with unusual [...]

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Gibson Guitars | Innovations

Last update 26/3/2023 Since 1894, Gibson guitars have been revolutionizing musical instruments. That is to say, from the first archtop guitar to the first fully tuning Guitar.  Here are some of the incredible innovations that Gibson has introduced over the last 125 years. Table of contentsGibson Guitars | Design & ConstructionThe Guitar BodyNeck and HeadstockFingerboardsHumbucker pickupsP-90 (single coil) PickupsES Guitars | PickupsPickup AdjustmentsGibson electric guitar controlsVolume ControlsTone ControlsPickup Selector Switch (Push-Pull Pots)Gibson guitars bridgesNashville Tune- O-Matic BridgeAdjustable Stopbar TailpieceSpecial Features / OptionsFloyd Rose TremoloTone Pro Locking RidgeLocking Stopbar Tailpiece StudsGibson Guitars | TimelineArchtopsAdjustable Truss rodsThe ES-150 GuitarThe P-90 single-coil pickupThe [...]

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A Glossary of Gibson Les Paul Guitar Terms

Last update 24/9/2023 Some of the glossaries of terms for the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar described here are also valid for many other electric guitars and acoustics. That is to say, many of these terms are worth remembering; alternatively, bookmark this page for future reference. Table of contents 60's neck The flatter, thinner neck profile was adopted on Les Pauls and most SG Electric guitar models in the 1960s. Conversely, the slim-taper neck is another name for it. Pickup 490R A neck (or R for rhythm) pickup from Gibson's Modern pickup range uses Alnico 2 magnets to deliver a [...]

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