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Guitar Triads and Spread Triads | a Caged System Alternative

This video tutorial will show you how to use triads instead of the caged system to further your playing skills. The CAGED system is an important technique that I recommend you learn. However, using the CAGED system and not getting a good grasp on triads also limits your playing potential. This tutorial of 2 parts will cover advanced triads and spread triads voicings. Part one - Triads vs. caged system Our tutorial is for advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Of course, anyone can watch, and if you do, I hope you get something from it. Also, this [...]

Guitar Teachers | What You Must Know

If you are new to the guitar or have been playing for a while, you would like to find a guitar teacher to improve your playing. We have you covered. The following information will help you choose the right guitar tutor from the following two options, online or in-person. Learning to play the guitar is not easy, especially as a beginner. You may have asked yourself, do I need a guitar teacher? No, not necessarily; however, we do recommend that you seek out a qualified guitar tutor regardless for many reasons. Why do you need a guitar teacher? An experienced [...]

Formal Guitar Lessons Tips – Pros and Cons

One of the great things about learning how to play the guitar is that it is a never-ending quest. Whether you are a beginner just starting or a seasoned pro with a ton of experience under your belt, there is always something new to learn - and that's a good thing! In our opinion, one of the best options you can do to enhance your guitar playing skills is to take one-on-one formal guitar lessons with a well-qualified guitar teacher. That being said, we're sure you are wondering why I would take classes when I can do it for me? [...]

Chord Progressions | an Overview

Chords are the backbone of pretty much every song that has ever been written. This is true no matter the genre of music or how complex the piece may be. For example, it's not uncommon to find an old jazz standard that changes chords on almost every beat; simultaneously, 'Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatle's is one single chord all the way through. Several chords are found in numerous songs, and some are much more common than others. These combinations are called chord progressions and can be found on guitar chord charts; they are accessible to group chords in a [...]

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