Guitar Tones | Quack and Twang

Last update 18/9/2023 Quack and twang are two of the most iconic guitar tones, and they're often associated with each other. But what exactly is the difference between the two, and how can you get them out of your guitar? Table of contents The Connection Between Quack and Twang How to Get Twang Out of Your Guitar How to Get Quack Out of Your Guitar Tips for Getting the Best Quack and Twang Tones Experiment and Find What Works for You Twang is a sharp, bright tone that's often associated with country music. It's produced by a combination of [...]

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Distortion Effects Explained

Last update 20/9/2023 Distortion, in context to the electric guitar. A specific type of tone is often described as "gritty," growling, or ballsy. It's usually achieved by high-gain settings on an amp. The opposite of distortion is, referred to as a "clean" or low gain tone. Table of contentsDistortion pedals - What's the difference between overdrive, distortion, and fuzz?Classic DistortionOverdriveFuzzOk, So What Is "Boost" Then?What Distortion Devices Do to a Guitar SignalSoft, Hard, and Extreme ClippingIn Conclusion Distortion pedals are designed to allow the player to dial in the type of distortion desired. For most players, the level of distortion [...]

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Essential – What You Must Know About Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Last update 19/9/2023 Sometimes there's nothing like a cranked-up electric guitar! The volume gets deep into your soul and makes your body want to move differently. It even…[hard stop - needle scratching off a vinyl record - all of that stuff (you get the point here)] Table of contentsSoundhole pickupsInternal microphone pickupsCan you add a pickup to an acoustic guitar?How do acoustic guitar pickups work?Why do acoustic guitars need batteries?Piezo pickupsSoundboard transducersConclusion ...wait a second. You don't play an electric guitar. In fact, you don't even own one. Your claim to fame is a great acoustic guitar. But the acoustics [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Guitar Effects

Last update 13/9/2023 Table of contentsWhat are the effects of pedals?The Major Types of Guitar Effects PedalsGuitar effects | about DistortionOverdrive pedalsDistortion pedalsFuzz pedalsCompressorsDigital DelayModulationChorusFlangerPhase ShifterReverbEqualization (or 'EQ')Filter pedalsTuner pedalsLooper pedalAnalog vs. digital - does it matter?What order should effects pedals be in?Conclusion To help add a bit of variety to your sound. One of the best things is that you can add a few guitar effects  pedals to your rig. Yes, there are many different ones, and yes - it really can be confusing as to which ones would be 'must-haves' for your particular tastes—making things potentially more complicated. [...]

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