classical guitars

Classical guitars

Classical Guitar Basics – Everything You Need to Know

Last update 7/11/2023 If you have decided that the classical guitar is the right type for you, we will concentrate on this type of guitar. Our information will also hold you in good stead if you decide to buy a different acoustic guitar later. Classical Guitar - A Brief History The classical guitar has its roots in the lute, a popular instrument in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In the 16th century, Spanish luthiers began to develop a new type of guitar with a wider body and a longer neck. This new instrument, known as the vihuela de [...]

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Best Classical Guitar for the Money

Last update 12/11/2023 If you have a passion for classical music's rich and enchanting tones, we will offer our opinions on the best classical guitar for the money. In 2023, the market is brimming with exceptional classical guitars, each offering its unique characteristics and nuances to elevate your musical journey. In this friendly and informative classical guitar buying guide, We've carefully categorized 12 of the best classical guitars to suit various preferences and playing styles. Table of contentsOur Suggestions for the Best Classical Guitar for the Money1. Cordoba C102. Yamaha GC32C3. Kremona Fiesta FC4. Yamaha C405. Cordoba C3M6. La Patrie Etude7. [...]

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