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Pros and Cons of Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals – What You Need to Know

Effects pedals are cool - we really don't think that anyone can debate that statement! Since introducing the first effects pedals back in the 1960s, there has been a constant and ever-changing market and demand. Name one type of effect - just one, mind you - and there will be countless versions and models available from many different manufacturers, Overall, that's a good thing. Being able to enhance your sound not only makes playing guitar more fun, but it also can open up creative avenues that you may never have considered before. Multi-effects units While having a good number [...]

Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue

It goes without saying, but over the years, Fender has produced some fantastic and iconic guitars. They also have a long history of creating guitar amplifiers in that same light, which are just as highly regarded. The Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue is a perfect example of something 'being so nice. It only makes sense to do it twice'... The Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb (DRRI for short) is a faithful reproduction of an amp that has long been the go-to source for countless guitar players over the last 50+ years. Part of what has made it so attractive is the [...]

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Gibson SG – Review

Some guitars are identified so well with the players that played them that you can't really picture them playing something else. Hendrix wouldn't be Hendrix without a Stratocaster, and Jimmy Page in concert lives on in most people's minds wearing a sunburst Les Paul slung way down low. So when you think of the Gibson SG, Angus Young from AC/DC may be the first that springs to mind. And rightfully so - as guitars go, the Gibson SG is a mighty fine example of what makes a great instrument. Many different SG models are available, but we'll be looking [...]

Fender American professional Stratocaster Review

Ask just about anybody on the street to draw a picture of an electric guitar, and we’ll bet they’ll draw something that resembles the Fender American Professional Stratocaster. Yep - it's that iconic - and it has been a benchmark for the entire industry since its introduction back in 1954. For a guitar model to be embraced by so many for so long. It had to have been pretty great right from the start! But that doesn't mean that Fender hasn't made improvements and upgrades over the years. Case in point - the Fender American Professional Stratocaster. The American Professional [...]

Epiphone-DR500MCE Acoustic-Electric Review

All things considered, the Epiphone-DR500MCE Masterbilt Acoustic-Electric Guitar comes with good breeding and a stellar reputation. Furthermore, ask any owner, myself included. It has a lot to offer as a standalone instrument compared to other brands. In addition, popular opinion places it near, and some say it at the top of the list for guitars at this price point. The original Masterbilts from the 1930s were very impressive back in the '30s. As a matter of fact, today's Masterbilts have been built to equal that standard, perhaps even surpass them. Epiphone  DR500MCE - What's it like? A few crucial specs [...]

Guitar Review – the Martin Sc-13e Best in Show at Namm 2020

The Martin SC-13e is an acoustic-electric guitar that has been designed from the ground up. A brand new concept born from years of research, it's a radical departure from anything Martin Guitars has produced in the past. The sc-13e is a new addition to the Martin guitars road series. Martin has embraced that not all players want a traditional guitar design. Be that as it may, the design team wanted to develop an acoustic that has the "comfort and playability of an electric." In effect, they have done that spectacularly well. Review Martin sc-13e While the SC-13e will appeal to [...]

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