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Digital Modeling Amps | Better Than the Real Thing?

In the past 10 to 15 years, we've witnessed significant increases in digital technology as it applies to the guitar world. Digital guitar effects are hugely popular, and Digital modeling amps aren't exactly a novelty either; there've both been around since the 1990s. However, things are now at a whole new level with the Kemper profiler and Axe-Fx's initial arrival, as well as Line 6 Helixes. And thus, we now have one of the hottest debates in the world of music: Are modeling amps better than the real thing? Honestly, we find it's a tricky question to answer. Digital modeling amps: what [...]

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Distortion Effects Explained

Distortion, in context to the electric guitar. A specific type of tone often described as a "gritty," growling or ballsy. Its usually achieved by high gain settings on an amp. The opposite to distortion is, referred to as a "clean" or low gain tone. Distortion pedals are designed to allow the player to dial in the type of distortion desired. For most players, the level of distortion is key to their overall tone. A distorted guitar sound is a crucial component for many genres like rock, blues, metal, acid, and punk, to mention a few. Distortion pedals - what's the [...]

Guitar Scale Length | How to Decide What Is Right for You

 For many beginners, the concept of a guitar scale length may not seem all that important. We mean, all guitars pretty much look the same, right? Why would someone even need to consider scale length as a factor? The scale length of your guitar will make much more of a difference than you think. It has a considerable impact on just about every facet of how well your guitar feels and plays. Yet, it's often a misunderstood topic, and it's something that you need to understand.  Today we're going to explore everything related to scale length and, most importantly, why [...]

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Gain Pedals Distortion Overdrive and Fuzz – Learn the Difference

While there can be nothing more glorious than a fantastic tube amp that's cranked up to the point of rich, tube saturation, and breakup, there also is the downside of getting the police called on you in the middle of the night because you have to crank your amp up so loud to get there. Gain pedals can be the answer to that very problem! Actually, 'gain' may be too much of a general term. There is a distinct difference between distortion overdrive and fuzz effects. Distortion can take you from 'aggressive' to 'melt your face off metal type' tones. [...]

Guitar Review – Taylor Gs Mini-Series Is Fantastic – Learn Why

Taylor Guitars has developed a well-deserved reputation for making some of the best acoustic guitars on the market today. In our eyes, every model they produce - even their lower range offerings - tends to be a step above most of their competition. The Taylor GS Mini does not disappoint. That point of view certainly carries over to the Taylor GS Mini series of guitars and basses. Sometimes short-scale or travel guitars tend to be viewed as more utility items than anything else. Their compact size is geared towards younger players with smaller body proportions or just having a [...]

Guitar Review | Fender American Professional Telecaster

While it's true that most people might think of a Stratocaster when the Fender brand is mentioned, they have also created several other guitars that have stood the test of time. No model may be more representative of this than the Fender Telecaster. Fender continues to pour time and effort into the Telecaster design, and the American Professional II model is a testament to all that this classic guitar has to offer. Just as with the Strat, the Tele has proven itself to be an incredibly versatile instrument, with guitarists from all genres making it their go-to guitar. Fender Telecaster [...]

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