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Best Bass Guitar | Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

Part melody, part rhythm, no one can deny a bass guitar importance in today's popular music. Our bass guitar buying guide covers all of the critical information you need to know about the best bass guitar for you. Which is the best bass guitar for you? The marketplace for electric bass guitars can be very confusing, just as with most other guitar types, electric guitars, for example. The array of options and configurations can make your head spin. However, we aim to educate you about the instrument to choose and buy the right electric bass for you. Bass guitars [...]

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Classical Guitar | Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

Suppose you are new to classical guitars, or guitars in general. You are sure to be confused by what seems like countless options. Our top classical guitars buying guide will set you straight. If you have decided that the classical guitar is the right type for you, we will concentrate on this type of guitar. The information we offer will also hold you in good stead if you decide to buy a different acoustic guitar later. Which is the best classical guitar for you? Classical guitars or Spanish guitar is used for Classical music. The guitar is an acoustic [...]

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Electric Guitar | Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

Our electric guitar buying guide will help you choose the best electric guitar that is the right one for you. This guide is for anyone from beginners to experienced players. Choosing an electric guitar is much easier if you know how to make an informed decision. Once you understand the differences and variations between the vast selection of electric guitars types from various manufacturers, you will be ready to purchase. Hang on to your hat tightly; we will now begin. Get ready for first things first. Which is the best electric guitar for you? Your Budget Your budget is [...]

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Acoustic Guitar | Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

Our acoustic guitar buying guide will provide all you need to know when trying to pick the best acoustic guitar for you. This step-by-step guide will show you how to buy an acoustic guitar correctly. Trying to decide which is the best option of the many acoustic guitars to choose from. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the instrument. Shopping without any thought to budget, acoustic type, or brand awareness is frustrating. Our guide will ensure you won't fall for common pitfalls when buying your beautiful new acoustic guitar. Let us give you the information you'll need to make [...]

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Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar | Your Essential Buying Guide Guide 2022

The Gibson Les Paul is an icon. It's one of the instantly recognizable brands by sight or name in the world of guitar. We have you covered if you want to know more about this iconic instrument. This buying guide will help you make an informed purchasing decision. The Gibson Les Paul An old saying goes: with a good Les Paul, you can rule the world. Les Paul is the top electric guitar with no equal for many guitarists. Some might say that is a very subjective opinion. However, few would argue that it is easily within the ranks of [...]

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Fender Mustang Lt25 Review | Is It More Than Just a Practice Amp?

Fender's collection of amps has a lot to offer in useful features and great tone. We're all familiar with their excellent classic tube-driven amps of old, which guitars players still love. But looking at their current lineup of digital solid-state amps, it is incredible how good they are. Further to the change in the present technology, we now have digital modeling amps, which brought Fender's Mustang LT25 amps to a new level. Compact and straightforward, simply put, the Fender's Mustang LT25 is a top-rated practice amp. However, we'd argue that it's more than just that. Ok, let's take a look at [...]

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