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Guitar FAQS related to questions about guitars. We respond to commonly asked questions about guitar maintenance with verified answers.

What is a truss rod?

A truss rod is a metal bar that has been inserted into the neck of the guitar. It runs the full length of the guitar's neck. Its purpose is to counteract the tension created by the strings of the guitar. A truss rod can be adjusted to compensate for movement within the guitar caused by seasonal changes and humidity levels.  Most guitar brands use this system.


What is a guitar’s action?

A guitar's action refers to the height of the strings above the frets on the fretboard. A low action means the distance between the string and the fret in minimal. (A small gap) High action is the opposite of a low action where the distance between the string and the fret is great. (A larger gap). Experienced guitar players often make adjustments or even full setups themselves. Unless you are sure you know what your doing, seek out a professional to sort it out for you. When a guitar's action is correct it is easier to play, it makes playing [...]


How often should I be changing guitar strings

The answer is it depends. Some professional guitar players change them for every gig. In general, for uncoated strings on average around every 1 to 2 months as a rough guide. For coated strings, players report wildly different time intervals between string changes, but certainly much more prolonged than uncoated strings. You might be wondering why all guitarists don't use coated strings. The answer is tone; some players detest coated strings because they dislike their sound. Others love them for their tone as well as there longer life. Coated strings are more expensive but last longer. If you are one [...]

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