1. It’s fun

Regardless of the player’s skill level, playing the guitar is fun. Play with family, friends, or perhaps in a band. Irrespective of where or how you play, it’s fun. Meet new people and expand upon your social network; other guitar players are everywhere.

2. It’s easy to play basic songs

The learning curve varies with the degree of playing skills the player chooses to learn. By learning three basic chords, you can play thousands of songs. For some, that is enough, for others seeking more complex playing skills, the possibilities are endless.

3. Portability

Pop your guitar into a case or gig bag, and you’re ready to go anywhere anytime. In the case of an electric guitar, an amplifier might also need to be considered.

4. Health benefits

Playing the guitar does increase one’s confidence and self-esteem. When you play for people, you are showing your creativity and creating joy and a real sense of pride. As it is with most learned skills, it is immensely satisfying to recreate or indeed create music!

People often describe the benefits of playing their guitars as calming, therapeutic, and fun. Research has determined that learning music is very good for one’s mental health. The benefits for one’s brain are many; Playing the guitar helps one’s motor skills, reduce stress, and enhance one’s memory. You are never too old to start learning the guitar.

5. Playing music is a great way to express yourself.

Playing your favorite songs is a very fulfilling way to hear them.

6. Guitars are priced to suit all manner of budgets and playing style.

There is no need to buy an expensive guitar as a beginner; budget guitars can sound amazing. Read our guitar buying guide and or seek out the help of an experienced player if you know someone or a professional who you can trust.

In conclusion

There are many more reasons why people love the guitar if you haven’t yet started playing, start your journey in life with a guitar today. Read our frequently asked questions and helpful guides. Join our community of fellow guitar players today!