There are only so many hours in a day. Divide your time into practice and to playing what you enjoy.

Concentrated practice

It is far better to practice a difficult section of music slowly and deliberately. It’s important to focus entirely for a few minutes, numerous times in one day than to play the peace end endlessly over and over in one session. The reason is that the brain is far more efficient when learning something repetitively for short bursts of time. Three practice sessions for 20 minutes each session is better than 1 hour a day nonstop.


Playing the guitar requires many skills which vary with playing styles. Determine which skills you need, and focus your practice times on learning those skills. Once you know a particular skill to your satisfaction, then move on to the next.


Begin learning a bunch of songs that you can play off by heart. Start with easy pieces that you enjoy playing. Only then, try something more challenging to add to your list. It’s essential to have some fun songs to play early on in your playing career. That will become your inspiration to learn more and keep going forward with your playing skills.

Find a reputable professional guitar teacher.

Seek out an experienced guitar teacher who can assess your ability and playing desires. They can design a personal practice routine for you. Having a professional teacher review your playing milestones periodically is invaluable.