Why is Playing the Guitar Standing Up So Hard?

Playing the guitar standing up can be challenging for a few reasons It requires you to balance the guitar while also playing it. It can be difficult to maintain a good posture. It can be tiring to stand for long periods of time. However, there are a few things you can do to make playing the guitar standing up easier. Use a guitar strap to distribute the weight of the guitar more evenly. Practice standing up with the guitar in your hands, even if you are not playing it. This will help you to develop your balance. Focus on [...]

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Why is Playing the Guitar So Popular?

1. It's fun Regardless of the player's skill level, playing the guitar is fun. Play with family, friends, or perhaps in a band. Irrespective of where or how you play, it's fun. Meet new people and expand upon your social network; other guitar players are everywhere. 2. It's easy to play basic songs The learning curve varies with the degree of playing skills the player chooses to learn. By learning three basic chords, you can play thousands of songs. For some, that is enough, for others seeking more complex playing skills, the possibilities are endless. 3. Portability Pop your guitar [...]

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What Do the Symbols in Guitar Tabs Mean

The symbols are actions the player needs to take while reading and playing the tablature. (see below) Tablature is a method of musical notation often favored by guitarists. Tabs Symbols: () Optional note / Slide up \ Slide down h Hammer-on p Pull-off pm Palm Mute v Vibrato + Harmonic x Mute note b Bend br Bend release pb Prebend pbr Pre Bend release || Repeat Strum/Picking R Repeat Section Our contact page.

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Do I need a metronome? – We Answer that Question

Yes, a good quality metronome is one of the most valuable tools a guitarist at any level can have. It is an invaluable aid for staying in time when you practice the guitar. Whether or not you need a metronome depends on your musical goals and how you practice. If you are serious about improving your timing and rhythm, then a metronome is an essential tool. It can help you to: Develop a steady beat Improve your accuracy Increase your speed Play more consistently A metronome can also be helpful for practicing specific techniques, such as scales, arpeggios, and [...]

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What is a Truss and Rod and How Does it Work?

A truss rod is a metal bar that has been inserted into the neck of the guitar. It runs the full length of the guitar's neck. Its purpose is to counteract the tension created by the strings of the guitar. A truss rod can be adjusted to compensate for movement within the guitar caused by seasonal changes and humidity levels.  Most guitar brands use this system.

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Am I To Old to Learn to Play the Guitar?

You are never too old to play the guitar if you have the desire and determination. Remove any doubts from your mind and start playing. Learning to play the guitar or any musical instrument takes time and patience which applies to everyone regardless of age. It may be easier for younger people to learn and absorb new information than it is for older people. However, age is not a barrier. It's essential to keep our brains active as we age. Be sure to purchase a new or used guitar that is not too big and is comfortable to play. [...]

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Do I Need a Guitar Strap? – We Answer that Question

If you plan to play standing up, yes you do. A good-quality strap will keep the guitar stable while you play. Ensure your strap isn't too narrow. A wide strap with some padding is far more comfortable than a narrow one without padding. Consider buying a strap lock for your guitar, acoustic or electric. A strap lock will prevent the strap from departing from the guitar, often causing damage to the instrument.

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What is the Best Way to Learn Guitar?

Ideally, a private lesson with a professional guitar teacher heads the list. It might be the most costly initially, the cheapest method when you factor in the time saved because of the structured way a teacher would employ. Professional instructors will not allow you to develop bad habits which may prove hard to change once they become ingrained. Another method is to join a learning group of people learning to play. The third method is you learn online, either privately or by buying an online course. The last option would be to learn from books, cheapest also the most challenging [...]

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How Often Should I Be Changing my Guitar Strings

The answer is it depends. Some professional guitar players change them for every gig. In general, for uncoated strings on average around every 1 to 2 months as a rough guide. For coated strings, players report wildly different time intervals between string changes, but certainly much more prolonged than uncoated strings. You might be wondering why all guitarists don't use coated strings. The answer is tone; some players detest coated strings because they dislike their sound. Others love them for their tone as well as there longer life. Coated strings are more expensive but last longer. If you are one [...]

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My Strings Buzz When I Strum at Times?

If you are just starting out, then a little buzz is acceptable, in time as your technique improves, the buzz should disappear. Are you strumming really hard, does the buzzing diminish if you strum easier? It may be your strumming too hard in which case you need to play less aggressively or have the action of the guitar checked by a luthier. Raising the guitars action a little might help. Back to basics; confirm your fretting hand is in the correct position and that the fingers are contacting the strings at the right angle and just behind the fret. Do [...]

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Why Do My Fingers Hurt Playing Guitar? – We Answer that Question

If you are a beginner, just starting out learning to play the guitar, your fingertips are likely to be soft. When you fret a single note or a chord, the string will sink into the flesh of your fingers. When this happens, another part of the finger may be contacting another string. As you develop calluses, this occurrence is much less likely. As the calluses develop, the string will not sink into the flesh anywhere near as much. Another possibility is that the fingers are not appropriately angled as they contact the guitar strings. If they are leaning over rather [...]

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Do I Need to Learn Theory for Guitar?

You do not need to learn theory to play the guitar; however, having some knowledge about musical theory will enlighten you about how music works. How much you learn is a personal choice; you do not need to read volumes of text to at least get some understanding about the fundamentals of music. It will make your musical journey with your guitar much more enjoyable.

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