Questions about recording your guitar, albeit electric or acoustic are answered by our experts in this category of guitar playing.

A Guide to Recording Guitars at Home | the Basics

Last update 26/8/2023 [/fusion_dropcap]ecording guitars is not as complicated as it once was. These days, you can have your home studio set up ready to start recording an acoustic or electric guitar quickly. The best part is it won't break the bank. With the pandemic running rampant for the last two years, recording studios had no choice but to close. As a consequence, there have been no studio work or live shows. Table of contentsRecording guitarsFirst things firstHeadphones and studio monitorsThe InterfaceMicrophonesWhat software do you need?DAW softwareOther DAW'sPlugins/VST-sDigital amp simsBest practices of recording a guitar at home.Recording best practicesFinal thoughts [...]

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How to Record an Acoustic Guitar the Right Way

Last update 22/8/2023 If you have ever wanted to know how to record an acoustic guitar, read on. It's not as difficult as you might think. There is more than one type with the advent of the modern acoustic guitar pickup (pickUPS); there is more than one type). However, it may seem a bit old-fashioned to mic an acoustic guitar using a microphone. Pickups are just so much more convenient, right? They're plugin and play (no pun intended), so what could go wrong? Pickups are just so much more convenient, right? They're plug-in-and-play (no pun intended), so what could go [...]

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